Breathing Energy Intuitively

by Leonard Orr

I developed a complete knowledge of the spiritual power of the human breathing ability during twelve years of accidental discoveries, from 1962 to 1974.

In 1974, I perfected my ability to train Breathing teachers and created a new healing profession. These health practitioners are called Breathworkers, Rebirthers. or just Breathing Guides Receiving ten Energy Breathing sessions with a Breathing Guide is perhaps the most valuable gift you can give yourself for emotional and physical health.

Breathing is the secret to the Life and health in the body and mind. Rebirthing Breathing is the ability to breathe energy as well as air. Breathing supplies the spiritual energy and, power that enables us to move and be healthy. We can consciously breathe Divine Energy every day once we have learned it.

Most adults think the know how to breathe, even though they rarely think about it, but almost none does know how to breathe until they have had ten energy cycles with a well trained Breathing Guide.

Here are a few simple tests:

  1. Do you still have colds?
    If you stillhave colds, you do not know how to breathe. The breathing movement called Rebirthing which I started in 1974 has spontaneously spread to over 10 million people.
    There is not much publicity about it because good Breathing Teachers have more clients than they can handle.
    People such amazing benefits from ten breathing sessions that they recommend it to their friends. People who receive ten sessions have fewer and shorter colds the first year they learn Energy Breathing and a few years after ten sessions, they typically have their first cold-less year.
    I have gone as many as ten years with no cold symptoms since 19174. So have many, of my early students Rebirthing heals the common cold because we learn to breathe air at birth and cold symptoms are caused by birth trauma built into the breathing mechanism. The most reliable cure for the common cold is to heal birth trauma.
  2. Can you remember your birth or the moment of your first breath? If you cannot, the chances are that your breathing is inhibited. Most people experience their breathing ability to be transformed during their first ten Energy Breathing sessions. As a result of ten private personal 2-hour appointments with a well-trained RebirtherBreathworker, people find they can breathe freer and easier.
  3. Do you fully know what it means to breathe energy as well as air? One of the basic goals of the first ten sessions is to master this ability
  4. Do you have strong headaches, asthma, or epilepsy? If you do, you definitely need Rebirthing. Energy Breathing is a skill that can help you manage various symptoms and make Life easier and fuller.
    Breathing sessions are for everyone who ever has tension, stress, or pain. Rebirthing enables us to relax, experience peace. transcendence, ecstasy, bliss, and fill. our body with fresh Life Energy every day. Better breathing helps in the healing of everything. Breathing is the headwaters of our Life Stream. If you stop breathing, you will die; if you master your breathing potential, you will live more fully.

Energy Breathing is the secret to the health and aliveness of the body as well as the mind.

We can breathe ourselves out of anger, depression and troublesome feelings into peace and clear, pure Life Energy.

Energy Breathing is a scientific ability that can be verified every day at any instant. When you have the ability to breathe energy as well as air, you can use it at any time to release stress. tension, and pain. You can demonstrate this scientific ability to yourself and others at any time with 20 connected breaths.

Along with the ability to think for yourself and transform your thoughts and feelings, Energy Breathing is the most valuable ability you can learn as a human being.

Intuitive Breathing, when combined with other simple spiritual purification practices with earth, water, fire, and thought mastery, is a complete and practical program for healing career bum out, many diseases, and the stress of every day life. It is an invaluable. practical, personal ability which every one should have.

Learning breathing gives us a physical experience of our energy body. When we are able to clean and balance our energy body. we are more in charge of our health. A practical understanding of spiritual purification is basic to becoming an intelligent human divine being. When we have a personal awareness of our energy body that intuitive breathing can give us, then other practices with fasting, exercise, fire, loving relationships, mind mastery, and conscious bathing have more meaning and practical value. Connected breathing in my bathtub is the most efficient self-healing ability I have ever learned. I don't know how other people survive without it. Perhaps they don't.

People who have learned Rebirthing Breathwork have healed themselves with it of all kinds of things, but the healings of others mean nothing until we have our personal healing. The goal of breathing teachers is not to heal people, but to teach the most natural ability we can learn - Energy Breathing.

Breathing the Breath of Life is our birthright that activates our natural Divine Energy. Everyone has it naturally our first Year or so after birth but we lose it. Every negative thought and experience inhibits our breathing ability every month and every year. By the time we are 5 to 15, all humans have to relearn how to breathe. Public schools and religions should teach it to everyone, but until they do, making friends with a Rebirther could prove to he one of your favorite and most valuable relationships.

Some people read about Energy Breathing and can't make an appointment to begin their ten sessions because we are creatures of habit. Others drive hundreds of miles or fly thousands of miles to do sessions or invite Breathworkers to their community or home.

My goal with these words is to give everyone an opportunity to master this simple ability and have the peace, energy and health it adds to our daily life, People spend their money on their car out of habit, but people have no idea how wonderful Life can be with a new ability to consciously, breathe Energy. It is a new budget item. Most people wait until it is recommended again and again by close friends. Why not demonstrate yourintelligence and do it now?

Remember! You only have to do ten Rebirthing sessions once in a lifetime. When you have mastered the Breath of Life and the ability to breathe energy, you can use it. forever. Energy Breathing will then he your own personal healing ability that you can use every day to improve the quality of your life.

Rebirthers supply many virtues that are invaluable to breathing mastery.

  1. Their experience of having from ten to hundreds of sessions enables them to relax and this makes it easier for the student to relax during early sessions. They provide a comfortable environment combined with certainty about the peaceful outcome of the session. The experienced presence of the Rebirther is a catalyst that makes the session work.
  2. They give expert, intuitive guidance about your breathing rhythm during the session that is essential. This only comes through practice and experience and good training.
  3. Ten sessions brings profound relaxation and release of stress and tension collected at any point in our life. Everyone has a big collection.
  4. During breathing sessions we often have powerful energy flowing in our body and can have frightening physical sensations as we release old patterns of tension. The Rebirther's guidance is comforting and helpful to complete the session and reach a deep state of real peace.
  5. RebirthersBreathworkers can provide support groups for people going through ten sessions so that they can share their experiences and insights and give each other mutual encouragement.
  6. One of the goals of the ten sessions is to be able to maintain the connected breathing rhythm for at least an hour without supervision.
  7. Another goal of the first ten sessions is to heal or transform our breathing mechanism so that we can breathe more freely and fully forever.

Breathing is now being taught in a few universities and public schools around the world.

This is very gratifying to me. Children as well as adults no longer have to suffer needlessly from asthma, headaches, colds. epilepsy, and other common popular diseases. As Breathing practices spread throughout the schools, children can learn it free and be benefited their whole life with greater health and happiness.

Any breathing exercise enriches our daily life, but to receive ten high quality "Rebirthing-Breathing" sessions from a Rebirthing teacher who has ongoing training with me through Rebirth International and does all the basic spiritual purification practices daily is very special.

Breathing teachers charge between $20 and $150 for a two-hour session. Psychologists and other health professionals who charge $50 to $100 per hour for their time charge more than most Breathworkers for a two-hour session. Even at $100, it is only $1,000 for ten sessions.

Learning to breathe energy as well as air is worth more than 2 or 3 months rent. Intuitive Energy Breathing is an invaluable self healing skill that you can continue to use and get benefit from forever. Until government agencies, insurance companies, schools, churches, or private charities pay for Breathing sessions, self employed professional sessions work just fine. They are available to you now and all ethical RBI Breathworkers are willing to negotiate so that no one is deprived of the Breath of life because of poverty.

I train good RebirthersBreathworkers how to find a way to supply sessions to everyone who is interested so that money is not a barrier. The Breath of Life is your birthright It is necessary to find a way to provide this ability to every human being in every country. Every person on the planet deserves this basic health enriching ability.

Your participation in and support of Rebirth International accelerates this goal.

RBI Rebirthers-Breathworkers who participate in RBI One Year Seminars, receive ongoing training, attend the RBI Annual Convention, and practice spiritual purification are expert human beings who are realizing their natural divinity. They are valuable people to have as friends.

The goat of the Rebirthing-Breathwork Movement is to offer to everyone a practical skill that makes them more spiritually self-sufficient. To set aside the time and money for ten sessions at your earliest convenience is an intelligent thing to do.

Respect for all Religions

Energy Breathing is basic to all religions and to human existence. It is relearning to breathe the way we breathed when we were newborn babies and the way we breathe in the middle of deep sleep,

All Evangelical Christians who have learned Rebirthing Breathing say it is the true work of the Holy Spirit - the Breath of Life. Jews, who have learned Rebirthing, say, the same thing.

The Koran, the Indian Scriptures, and all holy books of all great religions refer to the spiritual power of breathing.

I majored in Bible in college preparing for ministry in the church. Jesus told me I wasn't supposed to be a minister in the church, but a minister to the unchurched. I didn't know what this meant until 12 years after I graduated when God gave me the gift of RebirthingBreathwork.

Jesus said to the Jewish elder Nicodemus: "Truly, truly, I tell you: anyone who isn't born of water and breath can never get into the kingdom of God. What's born of flesh is flesh, and what's born of the breath is breath. Don't be amazed because I told you you have to be born again. The wind blows where it will and you hear the sound of it, but you don't know where it comes from or where it goes; it's the same with everyone born of the breath."

Nicodemus said, "How can a person be born in old age? Can he climb into his mother's belly a second time and be born?"

Rebirthing is a biological experience of God. It is a scientific experience of Spirit. The fact that it has spontaneously spread to over ten million people all over the world is not my doing. It is the work of God. To people who haven't experienced it, no words can tell what it is. To those who have done ten two-hour sessions with a good Rebirther, no words are necessary.

The Breath of Life Energy, Breathing instantly connects us to God and our natural divine power. It is the basic gift of Gods love to His children of all religions and races to all people.

Are you willing to receive it?