The way our body and mind works is very simple. Our mind controls our body and our mind is controlled by our sub-conscious thoughts. These sub-conscious thoughts have power simply because they are sub-conscious. That is why sometimes, no matter how hard we try, things ``go wrong''. Actually they are really going ``right'' according to our sub-conscious.

These sub-conscious thoughts are not just thoughts; they have an emotional ``charge''. That is why they are sub-conscious. We hid them away when we were little because of the scary events that happened then. As children we are very vulnerable and a wide-open sensory window. Things that would not mean anything now can be very overwhelming when we feel defenseless. Many of us have heard this theory, but how do we change it? It is no use controlling and manipulating life, suppressing down the thoughts and feelings. They just keep popping up again somewhere else.

If we control our mind so we can be financially successful then our bodies suffer or we have an unhappy home life or create lots of crisis in order to let off some of the emotional charge (steam) connected to the effort to suppress it all down.

Holding it all together is not easy and requires tremendous energy. Wasted energy that we don't get to use to have fun and live fully.

The key is to tap into these thoughts and feelings safely and gently. CMR does exactly that because most of its power lies beyond the rational controlling part of our mind. Part of the mind is condensed life force and the body is condensed mind. CMR uses that Life Force part of your mind to cleanse out suppressed thoughts. As you go through the CMR sessions you become clearer thinking, more relaxed, and energized. The Life Force is literally pushing the suppressed thoughts and bringing them to your conscious attention as well as relieving the emotional pressure attached to these thoughts.

During the CMR session your body and mind goes through all the changes that are needed. You become aware of suppressed thoughts and how they have affected you. Your sub-conscious has only been trying to get your attention. All the things that go ``wrong'' are just your sub-conscious saying ``A little attention here please'' and when you say ``no, go away'' it just keeps pushing harder. The answer is to give it your conscious attention. CMR is conscious connected Mind and Breath control. You consciously focus your attention on yourself. You become self focussed for about an hour. Things change for the better because Self Focus is something we were mostly told as children is selfish, so we have been trained to not do it, or to put others first. Self-Focus is a natural healing tool. That is one reason why Meditation is such a great tool for health. CMR is self-meditation in order to discover our mental and emotional suppressions. The benefits of CMR Self-Focus is that although our human conditions of physical and mental diseases have many names, they are all caused by emotional suppression, negative thoughts, and family conditioning. When you Self-Focus you can become aware of the negative thoughts, change them to positive thoughts, and discharge the emotional energy, which releases the tensions and stress.

Self-Focus is an excellent technique for Relationships. You can't really love someone more than you love yourself. Focussing on the other peoples wants, needs and desires to the detriment of your own is the cause of many relationship problems. Putting everyone else first all the time, or being extremely selfish is the result of a lack of self-worth and a low self-esteem. It's called co-dependency.

The CMR Self-Focus Program reduces and eliminates the patterns of co-dependency addiction and self-destructive behavior. An overall strength of character and self-esteem is developed which results in you enjoying your energetic new self.

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