Spiritual Journey To India

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Dharshan & Audience with

The Immortal Babaji

Followed by Navaratri  at Haidakhan Ashram

To be advised

Escorted by Pauline Win & Peter Bell of India Quest

and Paul & Stathia from Greece

BabajiFollowing Dharshan we will be attending Navaratri Festival at Haidakhan Ashram, Babaji’s home during the late 70’s & 80’s. During Navaratri , Haidakhan Ashram comes alive with celebrations, fire ceremonies and other spiritual practices..  Navaratri is a Festival dedicated to The Divine Mother. The prayers, fire ceremonies and other practices are intended to replenish and uplift the spirit and add more quality, both spiritual and material, to your life.

After Navaratri we will be taking a group to the Urine Therapy Hospital.

Further details on Phone +61 435153703     Email

Costs –$AUD2200

 Includes Airport transfers,

Accommodation (Twin share),

Travel within India and most food.

Dharshan & Navaratri  $AUD 2200 1400 EUR

Urine Therapy Hospital

Following our return to Delhi we will be taking a number of people to the Urine Therapy Hospital in Southern India. This will again be escorted by Pauline & Peter and is available to participants from the above group as well as any others who wish to join. Costs will be paid directly by the participants and will involve travel costs (approx $60 each way by train from Delhi), daily fee of $AUD60 (a huge discount on normal) at Hospital which covers accommodation, food  and treatment, plus Delhi Hotel and Transfer fees to/from airport (Hotel approx. $45 per night). It is recommended to take 10 to 20 days to master the recommended process at the Hospital).

The doctors at the hospital can cure almost any disease including cancers and details can be found at

Peter & PaulinePlease feel free to ring Pauline on 0435 153 703 for further clarification/details or email

NOTE: Pauline & Peter will be escorting this tour as a special service and will not require any payment. 




 Phone: +61 435 153 703  Email:

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The following is a small piece on the fire ceremony held daily at Navaratri. If you are interested in attending Navaratri we can send you a full day’s program with explanations on the value of attending each ceremony. There is no obligation to attend each of the ceremonies. Things are very casual at Haidakhan and there is no pressure.

Om Namaha Shivaya

Pauline and Pete

Yagna Fire



 For information on the Ashrams click link




Next Training  To Be Advised


NOTE: We now have a strong connection with Paul Jones in Greece.

Contact info for Paul:

Iner resources, Athens, Greece

Phone: +30 6946771759




Last Training Facilitated by Pauline Win Was held in Athens, Greece

 March 2018 for 12 Days & Included Water Rebirthing instruction

This may be repeated 2019

Athens Flyer

                       Pauline +61 435 153 703    



Leonard Orr in Australia   

We are hoping to have Leonard back in Australia soon  

Keep in touch if you are interested.


Leonard Orr



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Pauline Win

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Please EMAIL Pauline  and register your interest if you wish to be kept informed of seminars  or trainings that may be held by Leonard 


Private Sessions or Trainings

Sessions strictly by appointment - usually last 2 to 31/2 hours.

Cost $150 first session, including book.  $100 further sessions. (Special arrangements on costs can be negotiated if necessary

It is recommended that 10 sessions are undertaken in order to gain most benefit.  It is expected that a series of sessions will be paid for in advance.

Venues:  Byr arrangement.   

10 Day trainings are available by appointment at our training centre in Gwabegar, NSW

For details  - Phone   +61 435 153 703

+61 458 616 570



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